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Domain FAQ

A domain name, also known as a URL, is your website address. You can customize your domain name based on your business nature. Domain names Can be ended with .com, .org, .gov or more creatively .co and .io. It is important to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and easy to spell so that customers can easily access it.

Domain names can expand your business, stand out from competitors, improve search results in search engines, protect your brand name, and create an identity for your business on the Internet. Connecting a domain name to a website shows internet users that your business is professional.

You can buy domains directly through Wopop. Please use the search bar above to find the desired domain name, then follow the steps to fill in the information and complete the purchase.

Yes. For more information, please upgrade your website to unlock this premium feature. Once this feature is unlocked, we can connect your domain name with Wopop website under your authorization.

Yes, you can create subdomains under your domain! You might be wondering what a subdomain is, a subdomain is a domain name within a domain - so it's not in the form of, but These subdomains are useful if you want to create multiple versions of your website, such as multiple languages for your website. Wopop provides you with 50 subdomain resolutions.

You can buy Wopop email or buy other mailboxes for a fee. Either way, a high-quality, personalized email address can be linked with your domain and make your business appear more professional.