2023/7/14 11:24:21

How to Set Website SEO Keywords

When editing your website, setting up SEO optimization requires filling in the webpage title, webpage keywords, and webpage description. Please refer to the following details:

Webpage Title:

The webpage title should generally not exceed 30 characters (15 Chinese characters). Avoid keyword stuffing and strategically deploy page keywords in the title. Its purpose is to improve the search engine ranking of the current page.

Therefore, the title should contain relevant keywords related to the page. Place the main keywords at the beginning since the weight of keywords decreases as they appear later. Pay attention to this when setting up. For example, if the keyword is "home office desk," it can be set as: "Home Office Desk - XYZ Furniture Company."

Webpage Keywords:

A website can have multiple core keywords. If the keywords are highly competitive, you can consider using long-tail keywords. For example, if your keyword is "home office desk," you can set variations such as "custom-made home office desk" or "how to choose a home office desk."

Webpage Description:

The description should contain content related to the website, such as introducing the company's business and advantages. Place the keywords at the beginning and incorporate more long-tail keywords (avoid keyword stuffing, 3-4 keywords are sufficient). Ensure that the sentences flow smoothly and avoid using special characters. The description should generally not exceed 200 characters (100 Chinese characters).