2023/7/12 12:28:00

A Brief Introduction to Building a Website with WOPOP

This article mainly introduces how to quickly build a website through the WOPOP rapid website building service.

Website building process:

Open a WOPOP rapid building account

Register an account and purchase the website building product.

Domain configuration

Includes domain resolution and domain binding.

Domain Resolution: A domain name is a system of address conversion set up for ease of memory. To access a server on the Internet, you must use an IP address. Domain resolution is the process of re-converting the domain name into an IP address.

Domain Binding: Bind a domain name to the website so that customers can access the website through an easily memorable domain name.

Set up the website backend center

The backend center mainly includes articles, products, forms, logs, etc.

Articles: Add articles to your website and manage them.

Products: Add products to your website and manage them.

Forms: View and manage the content collected by the forms.

Logs: Information about website update operations.

Set up the website frontend

Building the PC version of the website mainly includes pages, websites, styles, files, templates, backups, languages, and backends.

Pages: Create website pages, page settings, plugin management, baseboard management.

Websites: Website icons, names, optimization settings, etc.

Styles: Website color, font and other style settings.

Files: File upload and management.

Templates: Template installation and management.

Backups: Website database backup and management.

Languages: Creation and management of multilingual sites.